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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home

What it takes to get your new custom home delivered on time

Custom home by Harlequin Homes

The time it takes to build a new custom home depends on many factors, including the size of the home, how elaborate are the desired home features, and how well planned is the construction project before the start of the build.

Among the many factors, the most important part of building a new home is the planning stage. Having all your selections in place prior to the onset of construction will, in all cases, speed up the construction process. On the other hand, constantly waiting for information prior to proceeding to the next stage is counterproductive and costly. The actual planning stage can take from a month to several months.

Once the plans are drawn up, a home builder that is prepared when he/she starts the construction program is apt to finish a home of modest size and features within six months. Larger homes with elaborate features generally take longer and quite often can take as much as a year to complete.

Efficient site management is the key to getting your new home delivered on time

Once the new home construction has started, it comes down to site management with a tight balance between speed vs. quality. A thoroughly experienced site manager will keep the flow of work going and manage quality at the same time. Quality is paramount and takes president over speed. Down the road, no one will remember a house that ran over schedule by a few days if the quality is top notch.

Hire a proven site manager

Using a proven site manager will, in the long run, save you money by keeping a seamless flow of production. This gets you into your new home faster without the aggravation of constant and expensive rework due to technical errors and poor trade performance.

Harlequin Homes is an onsite project management company that specializes in custom homes. We deliver quality built homes on time and on budget.

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