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How Many People Does It Take to Build a Custom Home

Find out which trades, suppliers and professionals are involved in building a new house

It is not a trade secret that a lot of people are involved in the construction of a custom home. Once the plans for the new home are in place and all required permits are received, the construction phase requires a detailed project plan that involves many skilled trades who need to work with each other under the direction of a project manager. Construction scheduling is a multi task process that requires an understanding of lead times, individual trade requirements for time, which trades can be in the house at the same time and rescheduling due to delays. Below is a list of people who may be involved in building a new house.

(A) Trades people involved in the building of a house (Note that not all trades apply to all houses)
1. Surveyor 2. Excavator 3. Concrete footings and foundation
4. Foundation wrap 5. Concrete floors & Drain work 6. Framer
7. Roofer 8. Metal Flashing 9. Window Installer
10. Stair Installer 11. Bricklayer 12. Stucco Installer
13. Siding Installer 14. Soffit /fascia Installer 15. Garage door Installer
16. Plumber 17. HVAC installer 18. Electrician
19. Cabling/Security/Central vac systems 20. Fireplace Installer 21. Insulator
22. Drywall Installer 23. Taper 24. Tile Installer
25. Hardwood Installer 26. Carpet Installer 27. Cabinet Installer
28. Interior Trim Carpenter/ Millwork 29. Painter 30. Countertop installer
31. Landscaper 32. Wood deck Installer 33. Driveway Installer
(B) Immediate suppliers involved in the building of a home
34. Steel Beam Supplier 35. Steel Re-bar Supplier 36. Lumber Supplier
37. Roof Truss Supplier 38. Brick Supplier 39. Window/Door Manufacturer
40. Cabinet Manufacturer 41. Countertop Manufacturer
(C) Utility companies to coordinate with
42. Water & Sewer Installation 43. Natural gas 44. Hydro
45. Telephone and Cable TV
(D) Professionals involved in the creation of a new home
46. Architect 47. Designer 48. Lawyer
49. Realtor

The construction of a new home is an involved process that requires many trained professionals to work with each other. With so many people involved, the process requires a project manager to manage the hand-off from one trade to another and ensure that the construction project is on schedule. As we mentioned in our article on "How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home", efficient site management is the key to getting your new home delivered on time.

Hiring a professional to coordinate those people is a prudent choice. Harlequin Homes has the management skills and experience to properly hire and coordinate all aspects of your new home construction. Contact us if you are thinking about starting your process towards building your dream home.

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