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Pre-Vacation Checklist

9 Things You Should Consider Prior to Going on Vacation

Securing your home prior to going on vacation will not only give you peace of mind while you are travelling but could potentially avert an incident, possibly resulting in an unwanted insurance claim. Here is a list of some of the things you should consider prior to heading out of town. You may want to add to this list, things that you feel are necessary for your home.

  1. Stop Newspapers or have a friend pick them up.
  2. Stop mail or have a friend pick it up.
  3. Turn the water off at the main shut off in the basement.
  4. Lower the thermostat, ensure there is enough heat to support any plants or animals remaining and enough heat so standing water in your pipes doesn’t freeze in winter months.
  5. Put some lights on a timer.
  6. Ensure all appliances are shut off.
  7. Have a friend or neighbour check the house regularly to ensure everything is OK, including picking up items left on the driveway or front door (Some Insurance companies require this).
  8. If necessary have someone take out the garbage, and then pick up the emptied bins.
  9. Arrange for someone to cut/water the grass or shovel snow (If watering is required ensure they know where the water shut off is to turn water on/off again).

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