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Why Should I Hire A General Contractor

7 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

When doing a multiple task project that involves several trades, one prudent choice is to hire a General Contractor (commonly referred to as a GC) to manage the job for you. These contractors know the trades and have the ability to get better pricing. It is not uncommon for a General Contractor to do a job for the same price as you can do it for yourself. The advantages are plenty.

Advantages of Hiring a General Contractor

  1. You free up your precious time by letting someone else manage the project for you.
  2. You get an all inclusive warranty from one person. If that contractor belongs to Bild™ and/or Renomark™, they may give you an all inclusive two-year warranty along with the Tarion Warranty.
  3. Contractors have an already established trade base.
  4. Reputable General Contractors carry at least $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance.
  5. You have a knowledgeable professional managing the project, which should result in a higher quality finish and faster time frame.
  6. The fee you pay to the General Contractor will be partially absorbed by the better prices they get from their established trades. He/She makes his/her money by getting better prices on labour and material and by using their experience and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.
  7. The price of a General Contractor is recoverable in the Home Renovation Tax, while doing it yourself is not.

Reputable Contractors do this type of work every day and it is second nature to them. Attempting to do it yourself will require a considerable amount of research and planning. Don’t be surprised if you invest over 100 hours in a kitchen renovation, and more in a basement renovation.

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